Participation is Acceptance – Don’t play Berlin POP KULTUR 2017 Festival

Dear musicians and artists: Hello Psychaleppo (Syria) + Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia) and Islam chipsy (Egypt) (canceled, see below) – We have noted your participation at the upcoming Berlin POP KULTUR 2017 Festival (23.08-25.08.2017) and would like to draw your attention to the fact that this festival is sponsored and funded by the #Israeli Embassy in #Berlin. As per the demands of #BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), we call upon you to withdraw your participation from the Pop Kultur 2017 Festival and to boycott this event which is funded and sponsored from funds made at the expense of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians.

The Embassy of the Zionist State of „Israel“, the state which occupies, oppresses and displaces Palestinians since 1948 till this day, has great interest in sponsoring such events, which only serve the #whitewashing and #pinkwashing policies of the Zionist State and its #HASBARA propaganda aimed at promoting a white-washed, false image of the State of „Israel“ as a so called „peaceful, democratic, culturally-open minded, dialogue-oriented and LGBTQ-empowering“ state.

We kindly ask all artists and musicians, regardless their nationality, ethnicity, identity – to withdraw their support and participation from this Zionist-Embassy-funded event, conforming to the boycott demands of BDS.

Thank you.
Palestine Solidarity Activists – Berlin

Electronic Intifada: Bands pull out of Berlin’s Pop-Kultur festival over Israeli sponsorship

UPDATE August 15th 2017

UPDATE August 14th 2017:

Today, Hello Psychaleppo announced, he „will not be playing at POP KULTUR festival due to the sponsorship of the festival by the Israeli Embassy. At the time of my agreement to participate in the festival over couple of months ago sponsors were not in place. Thank you to my fans and fellow artists for making me aware of their sponsorship. I am sorry to my fans who I was looking forward to playing for, hopefully I will meet you on another stage.“ (Facebook)

UPDATE August 13th 2017:

Following the Boycott standpoint by Rapper Mohammad Abu Hajar (Mazzaj Rap Band-Syria). Today, Egyptian band Islam chipsy announced their boycott & withdrawal from [Berlin Pop Kultur 2017 Festival] after being informed the #Israeli Embassy is among the sponsors of the event. (Islam Chipsy’s statement).

We salute these 2 bands who refused to take part in the Zionist-Embassy sponsored event. And we urge Artists: Emel MathlouthiHello PsychaleppoACID ARABYoung Fathers and other participants to follow the lead & to withdraw their participation immediately from the festival, following the demands of BDS and Palestine Solidarity groups in Germany & the Arab World.

Electronic Intifada: Bands pull out of Berlin’s Pop-Kultur festival over Israeli sponsorship