Why is the WSF in Brazil not in Palestine or an Arab country?

Within the International Council of the World Social Forum a long consultation has taken place and we are happy that Brazilian movements and organizations have offered their support to organize this historic event with us:

– Brazil , and particularly Porto Alegre, is the cradle of the World Social Forum and provides a very symbolic venue for this WSF Free Palestine

– By holding the WSF Free Palestine in the global south, and in a region where, despite the rhetoric of many governments in support of Palestinian rights, Israel is expanding its interests at great speed, we are underlining the fact that Palestinian solidarity has to be truly global in order to be effective.

– We are happy to hold the WSF Free Palestine in a region that shares a common experience of colonialism and ethnic cleansing and that has successfully struggled against oppressive regimes.

– On November 29 2012 it will be exactly 65 years that Brazil has presided over the UN General Assembly session that passed the “Partition Plan”. This year, Brazil can host a new, different global civil society gathering that strategizes how to overcome the legacy of oppression and dispossession that derived from this decision.

Finally, until Palestine is free from Israeli apartheid and occupation, we do not have the possibility to organize such an event in our homeland. In a condition where the rights of freedom of expression and assembly along with many other rights are violated every day there we cannot organize such a gathering. Furthermore, Israeli policies of fragmentation, siege and movement restrictions make it impossible for Palestinians from the West Bank, from Gaza, Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinian refugees to meet in their homeland. Many of our supporters are barred by Israel from entering Palestine as well.