AufrufeKultureller Boykott

The Cultural BDS Checklist

Updated every day, it’s the latest in cultural BDS actions! There’s a lot to do, but each step takes a minute, so please spare about 10 minutes of your time and add your voice to these wonderful initiatives.

  1. Tell Paolo Fresu not to allow Israel to use Jazz music to whitewash its war crimes against the Palestinian people
  2. Tell Neil Young to respect Palestinian indigenous rights by signing these petitions, , LIKING the Neil Young, Tell Me Why You Would Play for Apartheid Israel page at
  3. Contact Scarlett Johannson directly through her representatives and call on her to drop Soda Stream
  4. Sign the petitions to expel Israel from FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO , and
  5. Tell Justin Timberlake to cancel his concert in apartheid Israel
  6. Tell Justin Bieber that a second gig in Israel is unacceptable
  7. Tell Lady Gaga that a third gig in apartheid is appalling
  8. Tell the PIXIES: Hey Pixies, Apartheid Israel is a Debaser of Palestinian Rights by LIKING this page
  9. Get the Byron Writers Festival to honour BDS
  10. Tell Mariana Pajon a protector of children’s rights is not compatible with G4S
  11. Tell Nikki Yanofsky to support equal rights by cancelling her gig for the discriminatory Jewish National Fund (JNF)
  12. SHARE this Note!

Quelle: Facebook