02. April 2013: Jadaliyya

A Tale of Two Movements: Divergent Trends at the World Social Forum-Free Palestine

29. März 2013: Aljazeera

From Brazil to Tunisia, Palestinians call for their revolution

23. Januar 2013: Socialist Resistance

Rafeef Ziadah reports from the World Social Forum on Palestine held at the end of last year

05. Januar 2013: truthout

Activists Show International Solidarity With Palestinians at World Forum

01. Januar 2013: Alternatives International Journal

World Social Forum Free Palestine – A Report

Januar 2013: IJAN

IJAN Bulletin on World Social Forum Free Palestine

21. Dezember 2012: Storify

Youth are the future, The story of the Palestinian youth delegation in the WSF free Palestine 2012

19. Dezember 2012: US Social Forum

The World Social Forum-Free Palestine: An Alternative to State-Centered Narratives

12. Dezember 2012: Bricup

Jonathan Rosenhead: Report of the World Social Forum Free Palestine

06. Dezember

Queer visions at the World Social Forum: Free Palestine

05. Dezember 2012: Voice of Palestine

This week features an interview with Charlotte Kates from Vancouver, who just returned from the World Social Forum — Free Palestine in Brazil.

Voice of Palestine

Dezember 2013: International Women’s Peace Service

International Women’s Peace Service: Nonviolence In Action

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