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Weiße Vorherrschaft und die Essenz des Privilegs – Die Absage einer Party in Berlin

Inna Michaeli: “Einer klaren Apartheidsituation im Namen des “konstruktiven Dialogs” nicht zu widerstehen, ist eine schreckliche Form der weißen Vorherrschaft und die Essenz des Privilegs.”

#DJsForPalestine: “As long as the Israeli government continues its brutal and sustained oppression of the Palestinian people, we respect their call for a boycott of Israel as a means of peaceful protest against the occupation.”

Die Solidarität mit den Palästinenser*innen und die Unterstützung der Kampagne #DJsForPalestine sind die Begründung für die kurzfristige Absage des Room 4 Resistance x Cómeme event Garden Closing durch die Berliner Club-Bertreiber*innen ://about party.

Stellungnahme von ‘Room 4 Resistance‘ vom 13.09.2018 auf Facebook:

We, Room 4 Resistance, are here to bring politics back to the dancefloor, and we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians. In addition to being queer, femme and non-binary forward, trans-positive, and sex-positive, we are anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-colonialist, anti-apartheid and therefore opposed to the violent oppression of the Palestinian people. Since they suffer this oppression at the hands of the state of Israel, we understand why Palestinian rights groups are calling for a peaceful protest and cultural boycott.

Room 4 Resistance is also opposed to ethno-nationalism. This ideology, which defines the nation in terms of ethnicity, is pervasive among extreme right-wing political groups, including neo-Nazis, the ‘alt-right’ movement, and many anti-immigrant parties in Europe such as the AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland). Considering Germany’s history (and present!) of ethno-nationalism, it is especially important for R4R to take a clear and consistent stance against this ideology, since we organise our events in Germany’s capital city, Berlin.
Some groups consider any criticism of the state of Israel to be tantamount to anti-semitism. This is a logical fallacy. Equating an ethnicity with the state — such that resisting the state is deemed to be racism — is itself ethno-nationalist logic. It is possible to be both anti-racist (and therefore, opposed to anti-semitism) AND critical of a state that targets an ethnicity for oppression. Considering that the state of Israel recently passed a “Jewish Nation-State Law”, it’s hard to imagine how one could be anti-ethnonationalist and *not* critical of the state of Israel’s policies.

We – Room 4 Resistance – refuse the ethnonationalist logic that confuses the state with its citizens. It is possible to oppose a state without persecuting its citizens. Room 4 Resistance welcomes all citizens of the world to our events, as long as they respect our safer space policy. Israeli citizens are just as welcome as Palestinians, Syrians, Tunisians, Somalis, Turks, Lebanese, and all the other immigrants and refugees who are at constant risk of violence in Europe.
Room 4 Resistance is here to bring politics back to the dancefloor, and we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians.

We extend our apologies to our partner for this event, Cómeme, and all of the artists affected. The queer, femme, non-binary, trans, and POC artists that we book are especially financially vulnerable, and the loss of a Saturday night booking is immense for them. It is frustrating that they must pay the price for this conflict.

To our beloved crowd of dancers and unicorns: we are so grateful for your support and so sorry that this has happened. You’ve supported us for almost four years now, and we’re overwhelmed with all the kind messages we’ve received. We’ll make this up to you somehow.

Please stay tuned for more news. All these dope DJs are in town, so they might as well play somewhere! ????

Due to cancellation of our event by ://about blank, the artists we booked have no gig, and therefore no pay, and nothing to cover their travel expenses. We aren’t able to help them with a lost performance opportunity, but we’d like to pay them for their time and expenses.
Since the cancellation, many of you have suggested a GoFundMe campaign to cover these costs, so we have decided to start one. ALL remaining funds will be donated to a charity (TBC) that fights against the rise of right-wing politics in Germany!
Please help us out if you can !